Make Waves and Toss Worries to the Sea

Is sailing and discovering the unexplored land or the much explored land your passion? Then you have come to the right place. We are boating enthusiasts serving all around the world with our world class boats. We are trying to build an extensive network of vessels. Our objective is to make the sea affordable for all those boating enthusiasts worldwide.

Rent a boat from us when you have planned to tour the majestic seas of Europe, the Caribbean or the Indian Ocean.  We serve the tourists to explore the seas of Greece, Croatia, Italy, Spain and many more. Ours have become one of the most reliable boat rental market place across the globe. Rely on us and explore the seas “pier-to-pier”. We aim to change the boating service all over the world and make adventure trips more comfortable, accessible and affordable.

Rent a boat at best price from us so that your adventure trip does not cost a fortune. We have clients all over the world searching, finding and renting a boat that suits their travel itinerary. Our fleet consists of large number of boats of various kinds to facilitate all kinds of travellers. We offer boats as well as yachts for travel purpose and also for parties and other events. All our partners’ vessels are well maintained and insured and assistance is provided during your rental. Relying on professionals when you’re on the sea is much safer.

We are making sea adventure easy, enjoyable and more popular than it is at the current times. Discount rent a boat during holidays and special occasions from us. A full service boat will be provided for your group to enjoy your times at the sea. We can help you prepare your dream holiday by providing you our best advices: contact us at

Our Founder, Alexandre is a passionate boat sailor who loves exploring the Greek Islands himself. Hence, we invite the boating fraternity to join hands and be on board for a fantastic fun trip on the seas.

Go Ahead, Make Ripples!

  • Alexandre: Founder and CEO
  • Julien: Co-Founder and CMO
  • Maria: Area Manager, Greece
  • Vassili: Area Manager, Scandinavia
  • François: Area Manager, France
  • Burcu: Area Manager, Turkey